28. 5. 2014

Animefest 2014

Hello my readers!
I am back with new article. Yay!
I am sorry but I am very busy planing my most special day in my life and I just don´t have time for my blog because of it, also I wear lolita very rarely, only for special occasions and so I have not enough photos to blog about. *sad panda*

I visited Animefest few weeks ago and I want to share some photos from this convention dedicated to anime and Japan.
This year I was not a common visitor like before. I was doing shop girl for my cousine's small brand Classy Lady.

Friday was a tough day. All the traveling across the country was really exhausting. Also we had lot of luggages to handle and it was ride of death, as I nearly killed myself twice at escalators. But we arrived to Brno alive in the end. 
This is what I wore that day.

 At saturday we spent all day inside, most of the time just chating with other girls at booths.  But it was nice. We sold some skirts and dresses. Eat some japanesse kari and in the evening drank some good beers.

This is our stall.  

My part of it with floral headbands, crowns and round headdresses with veils, that I made. Me, who tought that can´t made a thing. (Yes I am proud of myself, because I am that kind of person, who when working with glue is covered in it but those things that I was trying to stick together are still falling apart...)
Everything that wasn´t sold can be found here.

Stall of czech lolita brand Porcelain doll and other brands.
(PD report from Animefest can be found here)

Victorian Catherine´s booth, with victorian accesories and clothes.

Maddame Muffin´s booth, she was working here on some super frilly bloomers.

My outfit for saturday. Merry Widow. :D

I triend horn headband from Rabbit Heart. It´s pretty awesome, but too huge and extravagant, so I left it there for someone else.
Some girls with antlers. I don´t know it they were wearing mori/dolly or what, but they were cute.

I met Elsa! Yay!

My loot from Animefest. Totoro plush, Porcelain Doll skirt, accesories from Carmila.

I am working on some LBC article right now, so blog will not be dead for another month. :D
See you next time. 

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  1. Na Animefestu Ti to moc slušelo! :) Jednou bych chtěla být alespoň z poloviny takovou lolitou, jako jsi Ty! A úlovky jsou božský, jak sukně, šperky, tak i kawaii Totoro :3



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