3. 4. 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: 5 movies for lolitas

Hello my dears!
Today I would like to recommend you some great movies for lolitas. I think especially classic lolita would love those because I choose movies that are similar to classic lolita nature.
Let´s see what I´ve got for you...

Pride and Prejude
Do I have to tell you the plot of this movie? I don´t think so. :) I love everything about this 2006 version of Pride and Prejude. Beautiful costumes, awesome interiors and exteriors, lovely Keira Knightley, who I really adore and also rest of the cast just match perfetly to their characters. Best Mr. Darcy ever. Btw did I mention that I love this movie? The music is also touching... I love it!

The Secret Garden
Story is about quite bitter young girl Mary, who was born and raised in India, but is forced to live in Britain with her uncle, because of her parents death. Then she finds a neglected garden and everything change. Sometimes I would like to slap Mary really hard because of her bratty behaviour but she will change a little through time. Also I think that the music is way too dramatic. But still this movie is worth seeing. And there is really amazing garden.

A Little princess
Another story, where the main character very charming little girl Sarah is raised in India but something happend and she is moved, this time, to the Seminary for girls in New York. It's beautiful heartwarming story with pretty costumes, amusing harp music and gorgeous interiors.

Marie Antoinette
The story is simply about Marie Antoinette´s life in Versailles and that means lot of luxury items, great parties, rococco interiors and such. This movie is just full of shoe, costume and pastry-porn. The whole movie is like one big continualy changing painting, that I like to watch while cross-stitching and sipping tea with milk. I really think that every lolita should see this movie.

My Fair Lady
Once again, this story is so well known I don´t think I need to talk about it. This musical is full of great music and songs, gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, awesome costumes and funny moments. If you didn´t see it yet, you definitely should!

So, what do you think about my choices? Do you like them? 
What do you think, that are great movies for lolitas?
Let me know I always like to watch something new. :)

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