20. 3. 2014

Last lolita outfits

Hi my readers!
How are you? There is so beautiful and warm spring weather! It makes me so happy!
I am really sorry but I just have no time to write a proper article here, because I am very busy in my personal life. :) I kind of miss it so here I am with a short and fast article about my latest lolita related outfits I have photo of. :)

Finally I got photos of my outfit from Christmas meeting so I will begin here and go forward...
This is my first time wearing new Innocent World JSK, that I was lucky enough to find on egl comm sales. I wanted long version of IW dress for a pretty long time.

Next outfit si from short January monthly meeting. I wanted to try put together an aristocrat outfit. There should be a corset, but I put it away in the last minute, because I have to travel in it...

Another lolita outfit, from first February. I wished so much to be a spring already, so I put all my wishes to this floral and light coloured outfit.

Last outfit is from monthly meeting in February, I got this great wig from Lockshop and I wanted to try it out. Even now after I got quite lot of complimets from my friends I am not sure if the colour suits me... And I know the skirt is too shor... but I didn´t know it before I saw all the photos... need to wear underskirt next time...

Some other random facts and "whythehellistheblogsodead"
1. I started to play Mass Effect series, sadly I can play it only on my boyfriends laptop, so it will take ages for me to finish it. Btw I really love the story and everything! Right now I want that Tali dress from Black Milk so hard!!

2. I bought World of Warcraft starter edition and for the first time I tried to play on an official server. Awesome! However my grandpa Macbook is too old for this game, so I have to play on low everything and it´s not very cool. So right now is my old Macbook on sale and I am lookinga for a new (not Apple >_>) laptop.

3. I am making flower headdresses! I enjoy it very much! They will be for sale on May at AnimeFest, the biggest anime and Japan related convention in my country. Looking forward to see you at the Classy Lady booth. :)

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  1. Nádherné outfity! Vše krásně doladěné do detailů a každý z nich působí naprosto osobitě. U mě nejvíc vede poslední černý, ale sukýnka na předposlední fotce je také naprosto dokonalá! ♥



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