13. 2. 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge : How Lolita has changed me

Hi! How are you these days? 
I love how there is a more and more light in the morning. I can´t wait for spring, so I can throw away my boots and heavy coats and start to wear ankle boots or maryjanes again.
Today, I would like to take a think about one of the Lolita 52 Challenge topic - How Lolita has changed me. I don´t know if it change me as a person, I think I am still the same girl I used to, in my opinion wearing different clothes can hardly change your personality, but it definitely change my life a lot.

1. The most important. Friends. Only because of lolita I have more friends now. Back then when I didn't even know that lolita exist, I have this one friend (that I made in fact by accident too, you know my dear Rouwi, right?). I was that PC/internet addicted girl, not going out at all, I have nothing to talk about with my classmates...  But because of lolita a was able to meet some really charming girls, that I like very much. Now we don't have only lolita in common but a lot of other things. Similar taste in fashion was only the beginning and now we hardly talk about lolita, when on a meet. I am very thankful even if most of the girls lives in other cities and we can't see each other as often as I wish to. :)

2. I started to care more about my makeup, nails and hair... Yeah that's pretty much it... I want to look pretty in lolita and I believe that nice dress can´t do all the job. Right now I have this big collection of nail polishs, lot of different stuff to put on my face and also I started to wear falselashes and wigs, just because my hair are not very neat with lolita.

3. Macarons! Before lolita I didn't know this confection at all! And now it's everywhere!

And how has lolita changed your life?

1 komentář:

  1. Ježiši, na té fotce z gothic srazu v Plzni mám teda ránu :-D

    A lolita změnila můj život úplně tím samým způsobem jako ten tvůj :). Možná bych ještě přidala, že mám více různorodých fotek, které jsem fotila, protože když má člověk za modelky jenom gothic slečny v černém s výrazem ala právě mi vyvraždili rodinu, začíná to být po chvilce nuda :-D Pak mě ještě napadá, že jsem začala více cestovat po České republice, třeba na srazy a tak, jinak bych asi nevytáhla paty z Prahy, protože bych neměla důvod kamkoliv po Čechách jezdit, pokud by to nebylo na nějaký hrad nebo tak.


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