28. 1. 2014

Wardrobe post 2014: Accessories

Last of my wardrobe posts is finally here!
First of all I want to tell you that the items you´ll see here are not all of my accesories, but most of it... some of the smaller items like earings and such I just forget that I have them in other places and didn´t take photo of them. Also I decided to not photograph my shoes, hats, gloves and purses etc... because I am too lazy and I don´t have anything special to show. :D
I will try to write from where all the items are but there is really a lot of items, so if you want to know this about some concrete item ask me please.

Amber, handmade by KK, bought in Vienna, handmade by me

Claires, Elektra, Lindex, Rabbit heart, handmade by KK, Porcelain doll, Bodyline

Rabbit Heart, HM, Gate, Bijou Brigitte

Gifts, Emerald Dream, Kik, Etsy, Fler, claires, handmade

Elektra, handmade by Ketmara,  by KK, by Clover, by rouwi

Gifts, New Yorker, Emerald Dream, claires, Metamorphose, Six

Gifts, Six, handmade (not by me :D), Emerald Dream, Madame Muffin, Porcelain doll, Fler, Etsy, claires

claires, Six, Gate, Kik

Elektra, claires, HM, Six, Porcelain doll, Dracula Clothing

Riwwa, Orsay, New Yorker, second hand

Destniky.cz, Taobao

Tadaah and that´s pretty much it. My quest is done. :D
Next time some outfits. :)

4 komentáře:

  1. Máš takovou spoustu nádherných doplňků..hlavně ty květiny do vlasů nemají chybu ♥ Opravdu krása.

  2. Tvoje doplňky jsou nádherné! Miluji květinové čelenky a věnečky x3

  3. Wow ty toho máš,to je nádhera!! ^^


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