22. 1. 2014

Wardrobe post 2014: Casual clothing

Here it comes....  the rest of my clothes except some pieces like saree, shirts, cardigans (because most of them is so basic, there is nothing to look at actually) and absolutely uninteresting jeans.

Skirt I have really long time... don´t know from where it is...

This black lace skirt is from Lindex and I bought it in uderwear department, the skirt is a little bit transparent maybe you should wear this skirt only in bed? I have no idea what was the true usage... I wear it regulary with shorts, bloomers or long shirt under it...

 I have this skirt like forever... is from Pimkie.

Nice skirt from  I like it for its gyaru feeling. It is cute and sexy. :D

My newest skirt, from Orsay. :)

 Painting print skirt from Mr Gogo and Miss Go
I love this painting so when I saw this skirt in czech online shop I didn't hesitate...

Gold skirt from HM
So shiny!

Leopard print skirt, I have no idea where I bought it... But it's blue and I like leopard print :)

Various shorts. :)
Orsay, Clockhouse, Ney Yorker

Fairy mint chiffon skirt from New Yorker

 Long black chiffon skirt from Ganga, skirt that should be used like petticoat under saree but is also great for aritocrat lolita style.

Next time the accessories! :)

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