16. 1. 2014

Wardrobe post 2014: Casual clothing - dresses

Another part of my wardrobe is comming! 
Today I'll show you my dresses. 
I have quite a lot of them. Last two years I swap many lolita dresses for regular ones. They are still classy, elegant and ladylike (or fun and sexy :D) but they are more confortable to wear in the office all day long. And I really like short dresses...

Classy dress from Jusco.
Very elegant, I save it for special occasions. :)

 Bought these last summer in sales in Tally Weijl... 
It's so weird but that's what I like about it. :) But I am not sure about strapless dresses though. Because I have some boobs, you know, and I never believe, that they will not pop out of these kind of dresses. :D So not suited for work really...
 Vintage sheer dress from Rabbit heart
It's very frail, so I have to be really careful with it.
From secondhand....
It's my leggins dress, because it's super short!

Black lace dress from New Yorker
I love it! I want such dress for really long time and last year I finally found it. :)

Awesome dress that was given to me, just because it fits. :D
Thanks Myra I love it. :)

Navy lace summer dress from Yessica

Simple navy dress from HM

Galaxy dress from New Yorker
 Purple lace dress from HM

Purple floral dress from Orsay

Hot pink dress from Fishbone
I bought this dress in online secondhand because I wanted it for my Princess Bubblegum cosplay...

Mint chiffon summer dress The trend house
I want dress with this collar so much! I got lucky in last summer sales. :)

Gray floral chiffon dress from Orsay

Middle earth dress from Black Milk
My epic epic dress! I love it but it's very hard to coordinate it, also I think I have a smaller size, than I have to have, because when I do like two steps in it, I have it just right under my butt... and two more steps and it's higher than that, so I have to push it down all the time! I don't know what to do. >_>

Cream lace collar dress from Orsay

This is really fun! 
I wish I can visit all my friend's wardrobes. I think I would be really surprised what treasures they have and I allways see them wearing lolita only for a meeting. :D

Skirts and shorts next time! :)

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  1. I've heard that Black Milk recommend buying their suspenders to help the problem of their dresses riding up :O so it may not be a size issue, because I have the same problem! I don't own their suspenders though, because I don't wear my dresses often enough...

    1. How does the suspender work? I just can't imagine it... :D


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