30. 5. 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolitas Around The World Who Inspire You?

Finally there is a new LBC theme, that I allways wanted to do.
I like to collect great lolita coords on my tumblr, to stay inspired, but there are some girls, that can amaze me with every single outfit. They are/or were more active on internet comms, so I have the chance to follow them for some  time and adore them like a good stalker. :D I have a lot of favourite lolitas, and it was pretty hard to choose only few of them. All of the girls you will see in this article are masters in coordinating. Most of their´s outfits are "matchy matchy", and that is pretty much my cup of tea. Also most of them are classic lolitas or can do a great one, while they can wear sweet, punk or gothic the other day. 

I discovered her in my best lolita period 2011-2012. She was great at coordinating and she had very similar taste. Lots of flowers in hair and mostly classic wardrobe. Also she had almost every dress I ever wanted... :D And hey look at that rebelion with her short hair. It´s great!
I really adore her. There is still her blog on tumblr with many great photos of her coords.

Fanny Rosie
She is the most elegant and ladylike lolita I know. I don´t know if it´s because of the absence of wigs or that she propably follow the rule "less is sometimes more", that is not very popular in lately lolita trends. Longer skirt and vintage(-like) blouses also works great to highlight the elegance. She is my biggest inspiration right know, when full lolita is not what I want to wear for daily basics, but I still want to have some historical feeling in my style.

She was my biggest inspiration in 2010-11. She taught me the trick with matching underskirts and how brilliant it looks. She did not wear lolita fashion anymore, more like otome/dolly kei if I had to choose some style. But her style is still great with lot of lolita inspiration.

Ophelia Violetta
This girl is my dear friend. And she is a chameleon. She can look great in a waste bag, I am not kidding! It´s fun to try predict in what substyle of lolita she´ll arrive to a meetup, noone ever know for sure. :D She is a great example, that you can wear whatever you want if you know how.

What about you? Do you have a favourite lolita?

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  1. Kdo v Čechách nemá Ophelii za vzor... =D Ale díky za tip na Fanny Rosie, slyším o ní poprvé a rozhodně ji okouknu. =)


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