11. 12. 2013

10 Questions Tag

Hello my dears!
How are you? Are you looking for Christmas or you only suffer and waiting for it to be gone? :D
I am super excited and can´t wait to decor my own tree!
I am sure I'll soon write more christmas themed posts here... For example I have one easy recipe for very tasty sweetmeat. Wait for it!

Anyway my friend Taurwen(Ophelia) tags me on her blog and I liked her questions so I decided to do it. But I am not going to make up another questions and tag people... so you are save guys.

What book would you recommend me to read ?
Oh I just have no idea what kind of books you like (excepting LotR and some more)
I would try David Eddings´s books. He writes quite nice fantasy stories... Mostly trilogies.
If you didn´t read Terry Pratchett go for him! 
Good Omens from Terry Pratchett AND Neil Gaiman. It's absolutely brilliant book.
Neil Gaiman's books "for child" Stardust, Coralina and Graveyard Book...
We can have really long talk about books. :D

Have you ever seen a ghost?
I have not, but I am in fact happy about it. 
I have some believe/not believe issues... My practical part of brain is saying that there is nothing supernatural on this planet... just some things that scientist can't explain yet. And then, there is my other part of brain that knows for sure that there are unicorns somewhere hiding... and ghost and vampires and elves!

Who is your favourite fictional character right now ?
Ugh I don't have one right now... or I have too much of them... 
Ironman, Loki, Doctor, Pinkie Pie, Anna...

What song makes you dance everytime you hear it ?
I am dancing almost all day long :D At least with my legs under the desk in the office or with my toes in the tram on my way home... The right rhythm is all I nead...
Try some Bollywood you HAVE to dance when you hear such songs... or pop songs... k-pop... 

If you were in a band - what would you like to be ?
Triangle player or singer! 
Every time I am home alone or I am cleaning the apartment I am becoming amazing singer! :D
Poor neighbours... :D

Your favourite word in your native language and what does it mean ?
For example "čůčovinka" it means small accessory. I don't think it's actually a proper word... :D

Where will you hide when the zombie apocalypse begin ?
Behind my boyfriend´s back... He is waiting his whole life for it to begin and hell, I am sure he will not hide at all!

What Disney princess you would like to be ?
Mulan, Belle or Anna...

If you can choose one super-power what it will be ?
Teleportation! Even If I can use in only in EU... Traveling around is so much time and money consuming! >_>

What is your biggest Christmas wish this year ?
I have a wish but it's a secret... :D

2 komentáře:

  1. Ty knížky si zapíšu *_* song si musím pustit až zítra, nevím jestli by Honza přežil Bollywood =D
    ...a čůčovinka mě rozsekala =D moje nejoblíbenější slovo je asi taškařice !

    (...já věděla, že to vyplníš mu ha ha) a slibuju, že už další tagy dělat nebudu

    1. Já mám tagy ráda ale musim udržovat nějakou kulturu blogu. Poslední dobou tu mam jen lolita blog carnival a žádný normální články... taky ne že by se něco zajímavýho dělo...Ale třeba za čtvrt roku mě zase můžeš tagnout! :D
      Ta písnička je super, myslim že se ti bude líbit, když jsi chodila břišnit... :)


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