13. 12. 2013

Friday music box


In my previous post my friend asked me for a song that makes me dance and I decided to make a small article about it because there is like trilion songs that have the power of instant dance. :D
I choose only five of them, because noone likes long articles and I would like to be at least a little sure that you try to listen all of these songs. 

Maybe you will know most of them, they are pretty popular.

And for my choice of videos... I will not lie... Because of animated movies and weird anime/pony/cosplay/whatever music videos I am finding new music... :D

Owl City - When can I see you again (from Wreck it Ralph)

Katty Perry - Firework (from Madagascar 3)

T-ara - Lovey Dovey - Zombie - Trimmed Ver.- 좀비

Tim McMorris - Life is beautiful (Cosplay Music Video)

Andrew W.K. - Ready to die (Pony Music Video)

Would you dance? (or run away? :D)

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