29. 11. 2013

Christmas movies list

First advent Sunday is almost here and I have to manage my list of Christmas movies, because I am not going to spend this time of year with my family but with my boyfriend for the first time.
I spend quite a long time putting this together.

I really like to do those collages... don't judge me... :D
  1. Three Wishes for Cinderella (Tři oříšky pro Popelku) - Best winter fairytale ever. Awesome costumes, nice music, beautiful Cinderella. I already saw it like 20 times... and I have to see it every year.
  2. Anděl Páně - I really like this story. After a long time it's a czech fairytale I really like. There are some really great conversation. It has not the best setting and I think it can't be translated very well in other languages to keep all the jokes.
  3. Give the Devil His Hue (S čerty nejsou žerty) - Not really a winter or Christmas fairytale more like St. Nicholas one (In my country he is visiting children with angel and devil on 6st December and giving them small gifts if they were nice or potaotes/coal if they were naughty...), because of all those devils. Just the main female character princess Adela is quite lame... 
  4. Father Frost (Mrazík) - It's nice Russian fairytale with great costumes and jokes...  also I think the czech dubbing is better than original language. :D
  5. The Nutcracker: The motion picture (1986) - Classic Christmas ballet on TV. I love it!
  6. Christmas Story (Joulutarina): Super awesome Finnish winter nature, lovely story great costumes and everything!
  7. Ronja Robbersdaughter (Ronja Rövardotter) - not really a Christmas story but there is beautiful winter nature. :)
  8. A Chrismas Carol (1999) - Classic story with great Patrick Stewart.
  9. Love Actually - I am not into romantic comedy movies but this one is British with lot of my favourite actors... :D
  10. Doctor Who Christmas Special -The Doctor, Widow and the Wardrobe or A Christmas Carol.... and I have to say that I preffer Tenth Doctor over Eleventh...
  11. Home Alone - Cute Macaulay Culkin and quite brutal dealing with some housebreakers...
  12. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - And once more time with nice bird lady :)
  13. The Santa Clause - Nice comedy with Tim Allen! I like this guy. :)
  14. Elf - Nice and maybe with way too much simple humour but still enjoyable.
  15. Nightmare before Christmas: I love Tim Burton okay?
  16. The Polar Express: We don't have Santa Claus in my country but I like this story very lovely and with great music.
  17. Frozen - I am cheating here a little because I just saw it today for the first time. But it's amazing Disney movie with lot of ice and snow! Suited for Chrismas time. :) 
  18. Artur Christmas - Never saw it, need to change it, it looks really funny. :)
  19. Rise of the Guardians - Not Christmas movie but there are Santa and Jack Frost and it's nice...
  20. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Short sketches about Christmas in Charlie Brown world. Super fun!
  21. A Christmas Carol (2009) - Did not see it but want to try this year.
  22. Groundhog Day - Again not a Christmas movie but there is lot of snow and it's great comedy.
  23. Christmas Vacation - I think I never saw this movie... and I want to change it...
  24. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Movie for my boyfriend... I don't like Jimm Carrey's jokes. I like him more in his serious mode...
  25. Die Hard -  My boyfriend needs his tribute of detonations... even on Christmas :D
Fufu it's lot of movies I would like to watch I hope I make it.  :D
What are yours favourite movies for Christmas? Do you have some traditional/cult Christmas movies in your country/family, that you just need to watch every year?

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  1. Aww, it's my first Christmas with my boyfriend and without my Family, too. I can totally understand you ^^ You choosed a lot nice movies and maybe I'll take an Inspiration from you and will look some of them, too <3


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