19. 11. 2013

Outfit: Japanese garden skirt

After a milion years I have finally some nice photos to brighten my outfit column. Like always it's because I arranged small lolita meet-up in my home town and on meet up there is always at least one clever person with a camera. :)

My friend KK, made a report about the meeting on her blog, so you can go and read it!

I wanted to use my new cream coat, co I tried to put together light coloured outfit.
I also has a headache so I did not took a wig and I think it would be much better with it because my hair are such a mess...

You can see my pretty new satchel I got for my name day from my best friend Rouwi. :)

Here with our new friend Bara, that started to study in my town this year and is a lolita from Slovakia. She does not have her lolita clothing here yet, so she had to improvise but still she was very adorable. :) We even match with our colour palletes. :D

With some other friends and in my coat. :)

See you next time. :)

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