30. 9. 2013

Summer memories: part one

Hello again after a quite long time, my dears!
The future posts will be about some of my summer adventures. Sorry for not posting them on the time but it was super hot here andI don´t have a desk at home so I don´t want to be a long time on my heating up macbook (which is starting to dying because of it T3T). Also I had a super work-busy July. I had to work like three people at the same time and it was just way too much exhausting.

Ice age exhibit in June
Well I wanted to go to zoo really badly on that day, but my boyfried just did not stop making bored faces on the way there so I rather got out of the tram in the middle and settled for short visit of Ice age exhibit in West Bohemian Museum... (My boyfriend can be really pain in petty if he is bored...)
But it was fun anyway :)

Awesome mammoth!

This huge thing is a sloth form ice age and the cute little guy is my boyfriend... :D
I can't help it but sloths are just the most creepy mammals ever... even the smallest one... not cute at all! Their face and motions just creep the lace out of me! I really don't get all the hype they get lately... Please people stick with kittens...

My derpself with same huge rhino...
When we saw everything on the exhibit and bought a Sabertooth poster, we made a little stop for some icecream parfaits. :) nomnom

See you soon! :)

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