27. 6. 2013

Outfit: Cute bambi dress

Hello my readers!

I have a lot of old outfits to show you, but I am lazy to actualy post it here. :D
Sorry, you have to wait for a while or you can follow me on my Lookbook profile, which I am trying to keep  updated.

I wanted some asia styled dress for a long time but it´s kinda hard to get some, with my size. Happily I was lucky enough to found some really cute dress on ebay... (later on I found them also on sheinside).
They fit me nicely yet I still don´t know if they suits me, since I am kinda busty and it doesn´t look very well with such dress..

What do you think?

 all those cute deers!

my poor poor shoes I used so much, they starting to leaving me >_>

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