14. 6. 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Tips for surviving the summer in Lolita

Hello again,
today I will try to resum some tips for wearing lolita in summer. 
I live in middle Europe where it can be a really hot weather in summer months. (Super cold in winter also...)
I am sure that my list will be very similar to other participans in this LBC theme because there are not many ways to keep yourself away from overheating in lolita...

1. No blouse!
Wear OP or JSK with no blouse under it. Better not layering the outfit at all. Less layers less sweat. While wearing JSK you can put just light lace or crotchet bollero over it to keep the no bare shoulders rule.

2. No OTK, knee socks or tights
Hey, they are plenty of cute ankle socks out there, so there is no need of baking your legs. If you have some bruises (as I have most of time because of my clumsy nature) or some old scars (that don´t really look very elegant in classic :D), you need or want to hide, use cute patches. Lace tights are also not so bad choice for summer...

3. No bloomers...
Bloomers are awesome for winter for keeping you warm or keep your panties safe from pervy looks :D in windy days, but in summer they start to be annoymance. Do not wear them! If you have to because you will feel less lolita without them, try to get some short made from really light cotton. Well there is one positive about wearing bloomers in summer... you will not stick to seats in public transportation. :D

4. No wigs
If you can, don´t wear them and better style your own hair. If you have to wear it as I have to, since my hair don´t match my lolita clothes at all and are kinda unshapable (no I don´t know if this word even exist :D) try to style your wig so that at least your neck can stay cool.

5. Use parasols, hats, fans and sunglasses
This is how you can keep away from burning sun and looking fabulous.

My outfit from last year summer meetup.

6. Use sunblock and body splash
Keep your skin safe with right sunblock and cool yourself with some refreshing fruity smelling body splash.

7. Light makeup
I have no idea what brand of makeup you have to wear so it will stay on your face on hot day. Once you start to sweating most of it just run away. Do just light makeup that you can easily recover. If you have some photoshooting on your meetup, bring yourself at least a face powder. Use it before taking photos and you will not be red and shining...

8. Jewellry and accessories
Try to keep the number down. You will sweat under every item and you can damage it because of that.(like your rings will turn black or green, etc.)

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3 komentáře:

  1. These are all great ideas! Haha and very similar to mine xD

    Your outfit is totally adorable btw! Perfect summer outfit!

  2. That dress and accessories look impressive.. Fashion jewelry will be the trend hereafter.

  3. Velice užitečné. Loni jsem šla v ultrasweet na prague pride a málem jsme nepřežila O.o


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