4. 6. 2013

How I became a mother

Hello my dear readers!
How are you? 
I hope you are alright and that all those nature disasters are not affecting you and if, that you are okay and the mess is minimal. I am sorry I can´t do anything else for you than have a nice word.

Firstly this post is about ours new pets not about me being pregnant. :P :D
I am an animal lover. I have animals being around me since I was a toddler. I love to go visiting zoo and used to watch animal planet a lot (when I had a tv).
I know a lot of things about dogs and I wish I can own one. Yet we live in a small flat and even if we acquire a small dog it will be doubtful to take care of it properly. Also we like to travel on weekends and so we have to take our dog with us, which is impossible in most of the time, or ask someone to look after it while we´re gone... But my mother already has two dogs and a cat to care about, she´ll probably kill me if I arrive with another dog , that will need her attention... And there is nobody else... So no dogs for now.

We were thinking a long time about what animal we can own. I really want a pet. I need it. A cat, huge african snails, rats,... there was always something that make us to say no.. and than once day budgies came in our minds. 

A month after our decisions my boyfriends parents showed up before our apartment unexpectedly without a warning. And they have a box with two little budgies in it with them.
We were very surprised and my boyfriend have to go outside for some branches into a cage, because we really was not prepared. In the end everything was okay. We were told that the blue one is a boy and yellow is a girl... well it´s not sure but let´s keep it this way.. 

About the names... we were thinking about it all day... Arwen and Aragorn (me), Finn and Fiona (me), Jake and Fiona (boyfriend), Cake and Fiona(me), Shrek and Fiona :D (me), Doctor and Donna (boyfriend) and many other ideas... and then the last choice we both liked: Doctor and River (me). Yes, we are big geeks and our budgies are named after british scifi series Doctor Who characters. :D My mother super dislikes it, she wants them to be named "Pepíček" a "Pipinka" (typical names for Budgies here in my country... names with no imagination). Sorry mother those are our pets. :)

In euphoria of having a pet finally I started a Bird diary for our budgies on Tumblr.
Take a look, there is a lot of cute photos and I´ll write a diary entry time to time (in czech too, so my mother can read it).

What is your pet of choice?

Some fashion next time. :)

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