28. 5. 2013

Outfit: Gothic lolita with transparent dress

Hello there!
I am here with another outfit post. If you follow me on Lookbook you already saw it but I almost forget to post it here with some other photos.

One day I listened to one of my youtube playlists and then this mmv showed up.

As soon as I see this video I just have to dress in lolita. It's so ultimate lolita video for me. The music is so nice and Momoko is awesome indeed. It always make me want to feel all the frills and lace and huge petti on my body. Only because of that I pull out my corset and Meta skirt out of my wardrobe and dress up after a long time. Once again I feel proud and super modest. I almost forgot how beautiful this feeling is and I am glad that this video remind me how I can feel pretty in lolita again.

I used some layering in this outfit. I have a beautiful transparent dress from Rabbit Heart and because I didn't want to shine too much in white skirt I put it over it and full it a little so it got more gothic lolita feel. I have to think about more outfits with this dress.

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