22. 5. 2013

Animefest 2013

I would like to share with you a short report from Animefest. :)

On 10.-12. May there was the biggest anime and Japan themed convention in Czech: Animefest.
I already attended some years ago but it´s really far from where I live and it did not amused me very much, so I passed some other volumes till this year´s. Last year they moved Animefest to big exhibition ground and everyone I know and was there, was really satisfied and happy such that I want to go again.

As I am not that otaku I used to be I did not care very much about program itself. I wanted to go there because of my friends and costumes and cosplayers...

I absolutely forgot how colourful anime conventions are. People, who was dressed in regular clothes wear at least colourful wigs. There were lots of cosplayers in civil... that means they had only part of a costume like head protectors from Naruto... etc 
Also Naruto is still the most often costume I saw there.  Plus really big group of Vocaloids, Hetalia fans and LoL fans.
Now I show you my fav cosplays I was quick enought to took photo of.

I have no idea what anime is she from but she was beautiful and had awesome hair. 
I wonder how she did it...

uuu uuu Tenth Doctor was there! My personal favourite...

 Some LoLers I believe...
 My friend Myra and her competitive cosplay from Macross. (She was second :))
 Nice mecha...
... even with pilot. :)

One week before convention I decided to put my own costume together. I went for princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, because it´s undiscerning to make and I just got my long pink wig in the mail on that time. Likewise I am a newborn Adventure Time fan. :)
The result is here.
I know it's nothing superb and I little bit changed PB's clothes but people did recognize me, so it was not that bad I guess. :)
 Here with some other adventurers. :)

Right now we are planning another and this time better (I hope :D) cosplay together with my boyfriend, who got crazy about making cosplay after our friends lecture about creating costumes. :D

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  1. Hrozně moc Ti to slušelo, Princess Bubblegum neměla chybu a jsem ráda, že se tam objevovalo i víc cosplayů z AT :D

    1. děkuji děkuji, snad vyrobím nějaký lepší :D
      A vůbec jsem netušila že je AT tady takhle známí :)

  2. Ten první cosplay, jestli se tedy nepletu, by měla být Euphemia Li Britannia z anime Code Geass http://www.postavy.cz/euphemia-li-britannia/

  3. Tento komentář byl odstraněn autorem.


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