7. 10. 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Trends You Could Never Get Into

I am here with another Lolita Blog Carnival post. 
I missed a lot of them this summer and some of them was really interesting so I think of doing them anyway just few weeks later. 
Now to the three thrends, that will be kind of obvious for those who knows me at least a little...

Sweet OTT lolita

I love pastels ale cute things but sweet lolita is just way too childish for me and OTT... well you all know how it looks... Those AP hyper cute prints with sweets and toys, plush purses, silly headwear, etc... No, thank you. I kind of like it on other person, but never want to wear it myself.

Halloween lolita

It will be probably because we don´t celebrate this holiday in my country. So all these pumpkin, ghost, spooky prints are just good for nothing here... And buying print that you can wear only one day in whole year? Nope...

Lolita shoes

... especially with block heels. I just hate block heels, they don´t look elegant, not a bit... And almost all of lolita shoes have those... So I prefer regular shoes with spool or cone heels or sometimes even regular stilettos look much better with classic (or gothic, or hime) lolita than granny looking square block heels... ugh. Also I am big-foot lolita and the combination of platform and block heel just look monstrous in my shoe size... not speaking of  bubble shaped toe...

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