5. 3. 2013

Recipe: Dessert The Roof

Hello my readers! How are you?
I am fine and recently I am having fun in my own kitchen. It may sounds weird but I really do, because I can cook and bake whatever I want and I can do it whenever I want even at ten o´clock pm, which was imposibble in my parent´s apartment, so I did not cook or anything.

I want to show you recipe for really simple to make, good looking and very tasty dessert called The Roof. "The Roof" because of it´s look. I have no idea if there is something similar in other countries but I am sure you can very easily change ingredients for those you found in your groceries.

What you need:
2 bananas
200g of butter
500g of cream cheese
150g powdered sugar
42 biscuits (need to be square) (2 packs of Bebe biscuits) 
rum, dark chocolate coating

  1. Combine butter, sugar and cream cheese in bowl, you can add table spoon of rum if you want.
  2. Put half of biscuits on tinfoil. It should look like 3x7 rectangle.
  3. Spread half of the mix over the biscuits.
  4. Add second layer of biscuits and spread rest of the mix.
  5. Put peeled bananas in the middle.
  6. Shape it to roof. (I was scared here but it´s really easy! Just lay your hands under tinfoil and push longer sides together.) 
  7. Coat the dessert with dark chocolate coating.
  8. Place dessert in the frige for night. (or at least few hours to biscuits get soft)


4 komentáře:

  1. hmmmMMmmm ! Vypadá to výborně, asi to zkusim *.* Ten cream cheese je jakože smetana, nebo takový to creme fraiche ?

    1. prosímtě cream cheese je jakože měkký tvaroh... :D taky mám mírný problém s tím, že tvaroh se anglicky řekne cheese protože se mi dycky automaticky vybaví kus eidamu :D

    2. aha no jo =D tak to jsem zvědavá jestli to tady nějak identifikuju, ale určitě bych to ráda zkusila...hranatý sušenky snad seženu =)

  2. No tak to vypadá velmi omňomňom. Dávám si na seznam *vyzkoušej to * receptů.


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