8. 3. 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Favourite type of accessory

This is my first post for Lolita Blog Carnival, where I was accepted last week. So I am excited!
LBC is a community for lolita bloggers and every week there is one given topic, you can write about. If you want to know more or want to join too just click on the Lolita Blog Carnival icon, that I placed on sidebar.

Now to the topic.
There is no way I can choose only one type of accessory.This is one of the thing I love about lolita. There is plenty of options you can adorn.

1. Corsages
Flowers! Flowers everywhere! Artifical flowers, cloth flowers or even real ones it doesn´t matter, they look so pretty. Flowers are pretty much my most used accessory. I own lot of them already but want more!
It´s very simple to get them, they have them everywhere. Just pick your fav colours and you can start some magic with them.
It looks great for more casual look when you have just single one in your hair and for ott look you can arrange all of them in your hair! And if you add some lace, ribbons, veils or just pearls it would look stunning!

2. Bonnets
Bonnets are one of the ultimate lolita accessory. You love them or hate them, there is nothing between. I am definitely the lover! Sadly I own only one bonnet. It´s all black full bonnet. This year I would love to get some straw halfbonnet to match my classic lolita wardrobe.

3. Parasols
Every lolita need to have one! They look fantastic and are even practic. However I am very lazy to carry them all day long in my daily routine. (I don´t even carry my regular folding umbrella :D) So my parasols are waiting for special ocasions like photoshoots ore big meetups. Well to be honest I use them a lot in hot sunny days in summer though I am in my regular clothes.

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3 komentáře:

  1. Překrásné! Moc ti to sluší! A plně sdílím tvou volbu:-)

  2. i really want to try a bonnet look - first one is alreayd ordered. but flowers are SO BEAUTIFUL and look perfect with classical lolita. <3

  3. Na to se nedá říct nic jiného než: Dokonalé ! *_*


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