1. 3. 2013

Friday Music Box

Hello my readers!
For today´s Friday Music Box I chose something perfect for dancing. I didn´t go dancing for ages so at least I can listen to some dance music...
It´s Aural Vampire! Japanese darkwave music duo. 
I really love their image. Very pretty and cute vampire lady Exo-chika and Raveman, I have no idea who or what is he supposed to imagine but it´s just simply great and nicely creepy! :D

Even their music videos are funny to watch. Look at that huuuge bat-mount, that Exo-chika is riding in Cannibal coast video. That stuffed bat is hilarious . :D

I wish I can organise a j-music party at Festival Fantazie 2013. Aural Vampire would be included no matter what...
Let´s dance!

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