7. 10. 2012

Get a bit of mainstream... in street fashion?

Lately I have little obssesion with street fashion. I still love lolita very much as earlier I just have a need to change my muggle closet. 
This autumn I would love to add more light colours to my wardrobe I am sick of how I have to match everything with those two black jackets I own. I'll see what I can get here in Czech first, because I am kinda afraid of buying jackets or coats without trying it on first, since I have looong arms.
I would like to get something in old army style. I can't help it but I love all those old looking buttons...

Yeah this one would be nice...

Asymetrical dresses will be next. I know that like everybody has one or two but I can't help it... as I see them so often I fall in love with them and need them in my life. :D I already got asymetrical hem skirt in mint from New Yorker but lately I am really lazy to thinking about coordinates and it's much easier to take a dress and some cardigan. This is also a reason why I am dressing in lolita very rarely now. It makes me no pleasure nor happiness when I have a great outfit full of details and I wear it only for work, where nobody has  a fashion spirit... >_>
I fall in love with simple looks. Lookbook and other street fashion community sites are full of them. Just one piece dress some legwear and fancy shoes a tadaaa over 1k hypes. And you don't have to look into your closet for hours thinking about all the items that must match together.
Here you can see some I would like to purchase soon. And it's pretty much ruining my light colour autumn plan. :D

Because I want something in dark red...

Because black is easy to coordinate.

Beige and lace. Because I still love lace so much! *_*

And in the end here come some items from my tops and blouses wishlist. My problem is I own just some reagural basic shirts and it's so weird to coordinate them with more stylish items. I don't like how it looks together. It's so boring. I so would like to change it...
Somehow I feel I need to have something associated with cats, since we have one kitty at home. Pretty silly I know...

I love the print on this one. Just I am unsure with the orange colour in it...

It's so cute!

I hope I can get some of those lovelies.
And what do you plan for this autumn?
Btw no text cut yay or nay?

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  1. No text cut yay (jsem lenoch)

    Mám ten samej pocit ohledně lolity a street fashion, úplně tě chápu a děsí mě že jsem si třeba teď místo nový lolití sukně radši koupila upnutý mini šaty s Klimtem z Romwe, legíny za cenu sukně od Baby a podobný věci...ale já mám lolitu pořád ráda, jenže...tohle je víc sexy, pohodlnější a dospělejší <_<

    1. Já tu street fashion mám jako vyloženě jako masáž ze všech možných stránek kam kouknu :D tak to chci asi jako malý dítě co před vánoci zírá na reklamy s hračkama :D

  2. Tento komentář byl odstraněn administrátorem blogu.

  3. amazing burgundy dress! :) mekstyle.blogspot.com check us! ♥


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