4. 10. 2012

Tank day

I almost forgot to post some photos from my boyfriend's birthday party.
He's that kind of guy, which started to play with plastic soldiers at his 5 and never stopped. He loves everything around military stuff so when I found out that on the same date, we decided to celebrate his birthday, is held a tank day at the military technical museum Lešany, it was clear that we have to parcitipate.
There were tanks from both world's wars and even modern tanks that czech army owns. I don't know much about this stuff and I also don't care, so I lighten this event for me with trying to get some military looking outfit. 

Parade of tanks, ending of the day.
In the end it was fun and I enjoyed it. All those tanks (Don't want me to name them I forgot their names like two seconds after my boyfriend said them. :D) did various tricks and prettend to combat. After the show we went to visit the rest of the museum. It's huge space full of weapons of war I don't even know that exist. :D Like big military trucks with laundry or dentist. Sadly I forgot to take photos. :(
Damn huuuge missile... or something
This tank caught my eye. It's a tank that was used in Prague's uprising in Battle for Czech radio in 1945.
Finaly some photo of me... My want to be military outfit (not even close, still way to much steampunk feeling here) and small tank. :D
Me with huge tank. :D (I really need new suspender belt....)
 Last photo with my boyfriend next to the famous pink tank.
I want to go to the military technical museum Lešany once again to take better photos with better outfit and more time to shooting.

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