11. 10. 2012

Puppy love

Hello, today I have for you another old outfit photos. I dressed up a little so I could try my wig for the first time. As you can see here it's not cut yet. I am also sorry for the photos quality. The light was really awfull for my black and cream outfit. You could choose between too dark or too light photos. Even KK has no idea what to do with it... So you almost can't see awesome puppy print from Innocent World, that I love so much and can't get rid of it even it's way too much sweet for me. At least the pink in it is not pastel pink, classic colour for Angelic Pretty, but powder pink, that looks more mature. (I wish :D)
Okay and now to the photos.

 And backstage photo with Haru :D Somehow this one came out the best... pfff :D

4 komentáře:

  1. You are so beautiful and elegant!

  2. Náhodou je to vidět =) Moc ti to sluší a ta sukně je nádherná...já se takhle nemůžu zbavit tý Alenky v lunaparku co jsem si koupila od tebe =D

    (mimochodem, nechceš taky zrušit ty kódy u komentářů...? tam hrozně trolí a já to opisuju třeba na třikrát, protože to není k přečtení)

    1. žjú já ani nevím jak se to dělá to vypínání... jdu to nějak vyzkoumat...


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