25. 9. 2012

About my newborn wig obssesion

About a month ago I bought my first wig... First but definitely not last...
I love how fashionable people around me changing colour and cut almost according to their mood. I love it and I am jealous because I will never be able to do the same. Firstly it's because I have same amount of hair as Gollum so if I start to change my hair colour too much I will end up bald... which would make some of my friends (KK and Lucy) really happy but not me. Secodly I have no courage to do that... What if something went wrong? What would say my coworkers? ...
The biggest change I was able to do was that I bleached half of my hair last year. Classic natural colour split. It was very hardcore change for me. :D 

After almost a year I decided I need to get rid of it. First I cut it a little but it looked still very similar so I go for more radical cut and dark brown colour. I like my hair now and lots of people told me that it suits me. But I don´t like it with lolita fashion.
So I ordered my first wig from Lockshop. This mainly wig shop is located in EU and that means I don´t have to think about customs and vat. Yay! I picked  natural looking, long dark brown wig, more accurately "Soft curls brown".
I got it in my mail after about two weeks (I do not remember it exactly)
I am very happy with it. It's pretty soft and very natural looking. I already brushed it several times and it's very easy to do it. However my boyfriend is not pleased as I am. In my opinion it´s just matter of time until he get into it. He´s little bit corsevative but since he don´t mind my lolita clothing he will not mind my wigs as well in some time. :D

And now some wigs I want to own very soon...

1. Brown x pink fashion wig! It's just so awesome and I always want to have pink hair.

2. Light and dark brown split because I want to have split once again. And it´s so pretty curly. *_* It´s kinda expensive and from US, so I need to spare some money first for this one.

3. Curly bob from Lockshop. I just can´t decide If I should go for caramel or black colourway, they´re both amazing!

So those are wigs I would love to buy first... then I have here little list of wigs for cosplay.
First one, that I´ll have to order very soon, is specially for my Rivendel elf costume. Since my hair are now so short and I want to go in elven costume to Hobbit premiere I am in need for long hair without fringe. I already found some wigs and now I have to choose... Then I would love to get some white/silver/gray bob for Sophie from Howl's moving Castle costume and one dark dusty pink/maroon bob for Mamimi from FLCL... Those two have time...

Next time when I will write about wigs I hope it will be about my purchase. :D

2 komentáře:

  1. Mám v poslední době podobnou obsesi, jen je výhradně na pastelové paruky ^.^ až ze mě škola přestane vysávat peníze skrz učebnice a výtvarný materiál tak si snad pořídím svého mintového miláčka :3

  2. taky si chci v nejblizsi dobe poridit paruku, hlavne proto, ze jsem si neustalym experimentovanim vlasy dost znicila a tmave fialovo/cerveno/hneda co mam ted nejde k zadnym sweet outfitum... jenze mam porad dilema jestli jsou prioritou cosplay paruky, nebo lolita paruky xDDD
    ale nutne potrebuju pastelovou paruku... co nejdriv xD


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