29. 8. 2012

News from my wardrobe

After a long time a new shopping update! I bought a lot of pretty things in summer sales. Let's take a look.
First of all I show you few items I bought to increase my lolita wardrobe. New golden petticoat, handmade by Danielle. I already need a new one because I like my lolita skirts very puffy. Even with the new one I wear allways one other petti... You know once you can go through door without touching the door frame the puff is small... :D
Next is a regular blouse . Black with tiny white dots and some ruffles... It's elastic and it fits me perfect! I bought it secondhand so it was pretty cheap... about 5 EUR I guess.

And finally those awesome skirts. Both are secondhad but they're like new.
On the left is skirt handmade by Danielle (yeah Danielle once again XD) . It has really beautiful print with cranes and flowers. I also love the colorway.
The other one is originaly from  HMHM but It's pretty much like this skirt from Angelic Pretty...
it's also velvetten fabric but chandeliers are smaller and are not printed but it's needlework and it's an original colorway too. It's deep purple not wine as AP skirt. This photo shows exact color. I am glad because I always want to own purple lolita item. :3 Only one thing is iritating me about this skirt and it is its lengh... I'll have to wear it over black underskirt because I am too tall for it...

There you can see my casual purchase. Three dresses, two tights in lavender and mint from F&F, mint Topshop top from secondhand that look more like gray on th photo, mint asymetric hem skirt from New Yorker and I also bought my first leggins in pink and with dots! I can't wait to coordinate it. On the photo there are also two awesome flower headpieces. One is black with little veil the other one is made from fake roses. My friend Taurwen made them for me because I help her with her blog design. It's very nice from her. :3

Right now I am in love with dresses I need to own lot of them short or long whatever. You can so easily coordinate them it's pretty practial for work. On the left is gray chiffon dress with lace and big zipper from Orsay. My first peach item, cute minidress with cute little buttons from Tally Wejl and black minidress with long sleeves from secondhand. I wonder how I will style it because it's really short... But I love it. :3

Now I would love to buy some new shoes for autumn... but I have to save up for a while... -_- 

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