28. 8. 2012

Daily lolita favourites: July

I almost forgot to update my Daily lolita favourites this month because I am so active here with my "Questions" :D But in the end I did it! It's nice to see some czech girls there. But still not enough. Well I understand that not everyone can use LJ. Well it's always just about reading you know people... RTFM! :D 
Okay... ehm... so back to photos I choose to show you this time. 
Have fun.





I love this plain look and colour combination...
Tea Party @ kirarah's 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 
ETC is love!

Awesome idea!






This is very nice sample of how mature can AP salopette look...

<Mary Magdalene's Antoinette OPMary Magdalene's Antoinette OP 
Grimoir of the moonlight forest 
Grimoir of the moonlight forest

 I want this kind of wig!

I love ETC prints... co cute and simple...

And in the end this lovely lolita with horns.

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