29. 10. 2013

Tights collection

How are you? I have a day off today and I decided to write a little article about my tights because I love them and I will never have enough of them in my wardrobe.

Most of the time I wear skirts or dresses, so tights are the best way how to change the whole look very easily and you don't have to own a milion of different skirts. :D

In my fashion life I already own many and many tights. Unfortunately I am also a big tights ripper. I hope I am not the only one... It always makes me sad, when I find out, that there is a hole on my favourite tights... just because all of them are my favourite!

I am in love with latest trend of printed tights. Sadly my tallness is once again a handicap, because most of those beauties are way too short for me.  So I don't have any, because I just don't know if the size will be okay for me and I don't want to buy them just to try it on and then sell...  Most of the time the size is "universal"... but universal for asians... >_>
If you know about some shop (shipping to Czech Republic) that make printed and fake tattoo tights and are suited for person with 177 cm please let me know!

Now I show you my small collection.
The tights, that survived all the ripping...

Two of those are in fact leggins ... and huh? I ruined all of my black dotted tights already?  Also need more black tights with stripes, just for sure... they look great with steampunk and lolita outfits.

I still need some chocolate brown and wine red solid colour tights....

I think that everyone who's into lolita fashion must be a hosiery freak. 
So what your collection looks like?

2 komentáře:

  1. This is a great idea!
    I think I will show my thights also on my blog :D


  2. Aw. Naprostý souhlas, lolita nemůže mít nikdy dostatek punčocháčů! (*_*) Také jsem na ně vysazená...


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