21. 10. 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Favorite Print Theme in Lolita

Hello my readers!
Sorry I am late with new LBC theme.
I was super busy on weekend. I visited arcade games museum with my friends and it was pretty awesome! I don´t even know what I did those five hours there! Just playing and playing and playing again. :D The other day I cleaned our flat and baked a chocolate cake for a friend and gugelhupf cake for my boyfriend. :)

Well back to the theme! My favourite prints in lolita... This would be really easy. :)

I will not surprise anybody when I say that my favourite print theme are flowers! It´s not like they all looks the same as somebody could think.The other theme I like very much are victorian wallpaper-like prints, and combination of those two are ultimate love for me. :D All of those prints are the most elegant and most modest and that is what I bring in my mind when thinking about lolita.
Sadly most of those prints are from Victorian Maiden or Mary Magdalene and they make really small sizes only so I have to wait for Innocent World or Metamorphose to release some flower print with no teddy bears or puppies included. I am just too old for cute prints, but flowers... Flowers I can wear forever. :D 
The good thing about it is that it´s very easy to find floral fabrics at fabric shops and so you can ask your tailor for one flower dress just for you. :)

So? What do you think... Not very similar right?

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