23. 1. 2013

New wigs

Today I have for you some new info about my still running wig obssesion. 
Few days ago I did a little shopping on ebay and bought two new fashion wigs. I can´t wait for them to arrive!

First of them is light blue curled wig. I always love pastel hair colours but for some reason you can hardly find nice pastel blue wig... There is allways some blonde/pink/mint/lavender one but no blue. Also my boyfriend wants me to have blue wig... Well, he wanted me to dye my hair but since my hair are very thin it was not really great idea. So wig it is and really pretty one. I hope that the colour will be as it´s pictured. I´m also plannig to cut the bangs because this hairstyle does not look good on me... Or at least I don´t like it. :D
What do you think? Do you like it?

The second one is brown to pink wig, I already wrote about. I love those "fade" wig style from Lockshop. However  I´ve been told, that they don´t plan to sell brown to pink fade version so I decided to find it on ebay, since I really don´t want blonde wig. The searching was kinda hard, they sell this one wig, I ended up buying, in all the shops so I had nothing to choose from. But no complains! It´s nice looking (maybe because of this very cute asian girl). Well it´s not fade style, it has two layers of different colours. Pretty right?

In future I hope for more wigs. My ebay wishlist is full of them (silver/white one, lavender one and dark brown/honey split  at least... :D)

2 komentáře:

  1. V tý modrý si tě vůbec neumim představit, už jsem na ní dost zvědavá ! Snad bude pěkná a nebude moc lesklá =)
    Já taky čekám na novou paruku, dlouhou vlnitou tmavo-červenou z Lockshopu, abych měla nějaký vlasy k mori a historickým šatům =D

    1. Mno taky netuším jak to bude vypadat... snad to nebude vypadat moc blbě :D Kvalitou by měla být v pohodě ten obchod už mám vyzkoušenej tak snad to bude ok :3
      Jsem chtěla původně kupovat z Lockshopu ale zjistila jsem že ta paruka co jsem považovala za modrou je mintová s levandulovou nebo tak něco...


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