11. 1. 2013

Friday Music Box

Hello my readers!
So today I have a little surprise for you.
I decided that I show you something else than just my clothes and fashion taste. :D
One of the reasons is that I still have no time and space to take photos... I also don't have a camera now (I used my mother's before). The other reason is that this is my blog and I can post here anything I want to. And that's great power! :D
The title already told you what's going on here and I just want to say that it may be called "Friday Music Box" but I do not promise that you'll find here a post every friday. No I can't do that. But if I decide to write another post about my music preferences, it will appear on friday! 

Today I want to introduce you Electric Light Orchestra!
Ok they are pretty old so you probably know them already. Just want to say that they started playing in 1970 and they are active even now, which is pretty awesome. Google them for more info if you want. 
And how I got to them? Well my father's influence for sure...

Now some music time finally. 

My favourite album is Time. I love every song.
There is also one interesting fact that makes it more attractive for me. 
The song Twilight was used for Daicon IV Opening Animation in 1983. Daicon is/was japanese science fiction convention, so in the animaniton you can catch sight of many characters from famous worlds. (Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, Marvel,...). And I am kinda geeky... ehm...

And because Japan is Japan they used this song (and rabbit girl) once again for opening of dorama Densha Otoko in which the main character is otaku.

Something slow in the end.

Have a nice day.

2 komentáře:

  1. yay! to se hodne tesim, premyslela jsem ze bych zacala delat na blogu "music mondays" ale pak mi doslo ze na hudbu co mam rad ja by asi nebyl nikdo zvedavy *weird music taste all the way* xD (omlouvam se za prasacke psani bez diaktriky ale mam jen momentalne je anglickou klavesnici :'D)

    1. Udělej music mondays! Můj vkus je taky prapodivný ale hrdě ho sem budu podsouvat ostatním! :D


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