25. 10. 2012

My shoeporn purchase

Fall and winter. Seasons of crappy photos are here! Let's be happy... or not... >_> Do you have some tips for taking photos in complete dark? Because I can't take a nice picture of my clothes anymore. *sniff sniff*
Anyway. Last thirty days were my shoeporn season. I bought three pairs of amazing shoes I wanted for a while as you probably know from my past posts with wishlists.  :D
I also took some photos of clothes I bought recently.

I did some big shopping in H&M sales. Golden pencil skirt was so cheap that I just could not leave it there even it's quite flashy for me and I wouldn't buy it for the full price ever. 
On the other hand that navy dress I would buy for the full price because is so much my classy style. But I was lucky and it was in sale too. Perhaps because of missing belt. I really don't mind it because I like to alternate belt as much as I can, so I can change the whole outfit look just with help of different accessories. 
The last item from H&M here is swan shirt, that I bought just because it's so pretty it was not in sale but still way too cheap for such unique item. The price really surprised me, I expected at least double of the amount I saw on the tag.
And tiny black and glitter gold belts from Reserved.
Back to shoes!
 Awesome classic black enamel stiletto platform pumps! Okay this sounds like from ebay auction.  :D I bought them in Reno, reseller of this brand: Tamaris. It was the last pair they have so it was in sale. They were in sale but still expensive because they are made from real leather . So I bought them for a good price and such shoes will never be out.  
Okay you are maybe thinking: "Oh gods what a boring shoes. Like everyone own those." It's true but it's for the first time I own such shoes. Long time a thought that I'll never own them because I can't walk in stilettos. How surprised I was when I tried them on back in store and found out how confortable and stationary they are.
Last reason why I wanted these shoes is that I allways was envious of my mother, who has only shoes like these. I was dreaming of the day I can walk in same shoes as my mother... haha that's silly.

Glitters.... that's all. I wanted to have glitter shoes... well I wanted them in pink but it seem like they have the right shade of pink glitter only in Japan so black it be... Also they were so cheap that I almost thought that I bought tights by mistake. :D
 And they have interesting heels...
Finally I own shoes with studs! I love them. My boyfriend hates them... like everything too expressive and weird :D I don´t undertand that he is not used to my weird taste in fashion goods after almost two years being together. Nevermind...
So about these shoes. They are awsome. I know it´s just current hit but how could you stand up them, when you see them everywhere on fashion websites.
I bought them in Botovo. They are made from suede with gold studs. I wanted fake leather one with silver studs but they did not have them in my size so I ended up with this pair... They are not very practical for rainy weather which is kinda sad as they are supposed to be shoes for fall, but suede is so in lately that most of pretty fall shoes are made of it and I would probably end up with other suede shoes if I did not buy these handsome.
And in the end I am really happy with the gold. Somehow I start to like this colour...
One more thing... when you walk in them they rattle a little bit. :D
And now more photos...

Sooo after photos of my awesome newbies in closet let´s share some personal info. Right now I am searching for a new home. Finally the day I can live with my boyfriend is here! It makes me truly happy. Indeed, there is lot of work that have to be done but just lokking for flat is kind of fun for me. Well there will be also some disagreements with my mother as allways when something important has to be decided but I am quite used to it.  I am looking forward to arrange all our stuff  in new flat either decorating new rooms! Aaand lot´s of regular things have to be bought too like frige, washing machine, iron,... so no new clothing for me for a looog time. 

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