21. 10. 2012

I love sheer items.

All those cult party kei girls wearing oversized sheer cardigans were my huge inspiration and I decided that I have to own something similar.  There is no way I could run into something pastel here but I was very happy when I saw beautiful black sheer dress in my friend's new shop Rabbit Heart.  I was hesitating for a while but when I heard that there are more people interested in it I decided I want to be first who actually buy it. :D
When I got them I was at my boyfriend's place in Prague, where I have just few pieces of my clothes. But I want to put an outfit together so much that I did a big improvisation and in the end I went out in it for some shopping with my friend.

As you can see, you see nothing from the transparency. :D The artificial light in shopping centre is killer of good lighted photos. We know it and still we allways forget to take some outfit photos outside.
Some of the next post will be Rabbit Heart shop review with better photos. I promise!

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