13. 9. 2012

Summer at countryside

So today I would like to share some photos from my vacation. I am not profi photographer but I really like taking photos... so I do... when I don't forget our little camera at home. xD
Back in august I spent few days in Vilasova Lhota, before my boyfriend told me where are we going I never heard about this village. It's pretty small but I like that way. Lots of animals, old buildings and not so many people. Typical czech countryside. 
We went there to say hi to my boyfriend's grandma. It was for the first time I met her but everything went right and it seems that she like me. I am glad. She even gave me a present. Little bottle of perfume from Avon called Eternal magic: Enchanted. It smells nice and very very sweet.
For next year I hope it will be sea, what I'll show you here. But you know... there are so many things I would love to own, so many events I want to attend next year and I acctually don't know if my boyfriend wants to go to sea too.
We'll see...

 There were those awesome stones everywhere!

I love clouds...

Pink flowers... pink flowers everywhere.


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