1. 9. 2012

Steampunk lolita - miss Coppelia

Miss Coppelia got a new chance to live when me and my boyfriend visited small steampunk picnic in August. Miss Coppelia is my steampunk alterego. With my friends we had our own crew and flying ship Acid Apple. Miss Coppelia was co-pilot and navigator and she loved to drink alcohol... :D
At the meeting was only few people so we stayed there only for a while. Happily we met there my lolita friend Ketmara and she was so kind and took some pictures of me, my boyfriend and my outfit. Sadly there are only four nice photos because battery in my camera went empty as I forgot to check it before this trip. Shame on me.
After this minimalistic photoshoot we went together to tearoom that was near. I got a whole pot of dáta masala with vanilla and some chalva with nuts. It turned into really nice and restful afternoon.

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