9. 1. 2015

2014 Memories

Great day to you all!
 How are you? Christmas and New year holidays are gone. I hope you had a great time with your family, lover or cat (whatever). 
2014 was quite hard on me... lots of ups and downs... It was very busy year. 
I decided to write down some "events" (or how should I name it) that happend and somehow important (or are interesting) for me... (Ordination is random.) 

♣ Really awfull and too much personal drama happend at the begining of the year...(but it was solved  *phew*).

♣ I lost my passion for lolita, I still like it and keep few lolita items but I don´t feel like wearing it unless there is some very cool meeting going on.... like Prague Christmas meeting.
♣ River flew away... We found her but she did not want to come back to us... she was sitting on the tree and was too scared. So we had to left her in the big word... most likely some cat had an exotic dinner >_> I cried a lot.....
Yet still I want to imagine it like a kids cartoon in my head: How River goes on adventure. She gets lost, then make friends with other wild birds (magpies are really mean to her), she fights with cats and hawkes... she ends up like a really badass budgie with an eyepach... sigh.

♣ My geeky self resurrect! I played lot of games and watched lot of tv shows. We even started to play Pathfinder! I also started to reblog more fandom stuff on my tumblr so I had to make a new one just for my geek needs. 

♣ I got married!

♣ We acquired a dog. 
I always lived with dogs (and later plus cat. I am animal person really...) and it was just a matter of time till I finally pick one. 
Of course I was searching for dachshund! Dachshunds are the best dogs! (This is my 4th dachshund in my life.)
Funny was, that we even agreed on a same name with husband: Darcy (it's Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice).

And how was your 2014?

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