10. 5. 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Top 3 Wishlist Items

I'm participating in another week of the Lolita Blog Carnival! Most of my readers already know, that just now I am in some lolita crisis, but I still like to dream about beautiful dresses.

I have a lot of brand dresses on my wishlist, some of them you can see here in a wishlist I made some time ago (sorry it's written in czech). This wishlist contains only dresses or skirts that I can fit into... which as you can learn, is not a great number. :D Sadly my favourite brand Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene are super tiny for me. Well at least my wishlist is smaller and I can safe some money because of my size. :D

Sot there are some other lolita clothes I would love to get in my closet (if I won a milion dolars) :D.  I focus on printed dresses only this time. Well let's see what I choose.

Roman Sweet Secret Audrey JSK in blue by Baby, the stars shine bright

I love the movie Roman holiday and Audrey Hepburn is one of my ultimate fav actress so, how can I possibly not fall in love with this dress? What I love the most about this dress are the real pictures from the film. They may be consider like a regular fandom dress, but still look amazing. :D

Elizabethe - Bride of the Death JSK in black by Alice ans the Pirates

This dress amazed me with its reference to Empress Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria, Czech Queen :)) and Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is very linked with history of my home country. I wish I can have a dress with part of history on it! *_* The design is very beautiful. I love the black-red-gold combination.

Mucha Sleeveles dress in brown and long version by Innocent World

Another czech reference. :) Alfons Mucha is very famous artist and I am one of his admirer too. This dress has great design, plain cut with simple lace decor so the pictures can excel.  Innocent World designers show us that, there is another way to put paintings on dresses and it's a nice way.

And I am still looking for my perfect classic unicorn dress,... 
What is on your wishlist?

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  1. S druhýma a třetíma uplně souhlasím, jsou geniální! Ten potish, i bych pčřežila ty barvy, které skoro vůbec nenosím


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