29. 4. 2013

Innocent world in otome kei

I need a change and even if I liked my old design very much I always get back to blue-ish colorway.
I want a better photo header similar as the last one for sure so take this one as temporary. :)
If you remember the picture in the header you propably know me for a long time... or at least you know my blogger beginning. :D
What do you think? 

 I have for you another outfit photos!
An otome kei-ish outfit. Maybe? I don't speculate on some particular style when I dress up (unless I want to dress in lolita...)
Lolita just bother me with huge petticoat I have to stuff in my office chair in work so I just use lolita dress and I don't bother with petticoats and uderskirt I have to wear for proper lolita knee lenght and siluette.
Yet everything else I coordinate somehow the same way I would do for regular lolita outfit.

You can easily imagine how tall I am when this regular leng JSK from Innocent World is so damn short on me... :D

See you next time! :)

2 komentáře:

  1. (mam komentovat po anglicky alebo po slovensky? vecna dilemma pre mna)
    mne sa modry design velmi paci, asi este viac ako ten predtym :D a pekne si to doladila s fotkou v modrej parochni^^ :D

    1. česky, slovenky, anglicky... to je fuk :D
      moc díky :) mě se taky líbí víc než ten předtím :D


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