29. 3. 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Pick an animal and make a coordinate around it.

How is the weather around the world? The winter just stuck here and I can't enjoy any of my new shoes, because it's too cold for them. I hope it will change soon.

Anyway I decided to write another post for Lolita Blog Carnival. This weeks theme is super fun and I was thinking very much about it. I even asked my boyfriend what would he sugest me... and he said that I should pick a whale.... well I can imagine really cute APsque border print in pastel colours but it will not be really me and I would not wear it ever. :D
And then the dragons pop out in my mind. I know it's not regular animal but very loliable I guess...
And when you can have unicorns or alicorns on prints why not dragons? I would love to get one...

What do you think?

I like painting prints a lot and it would be stunning if someone could put some fantasy paintings on dresses generally. (Indie brands? pretty please?) I am sure there could be some sweet pastel border print with cute baby dragons too but I would totally go for classic/gothic item!

And how would I coordinate such pretty dress? There are plenty dragon themed items out there. But it would become tricky once you start to looking for elven/medieval accessories, which was the first thing that come to my mind. Instantly it would start to remind costumes for renesaince fair, cons and similar occasions. But if you pick wisely you can get awesome dragon outfit.

Dragon with treasure outfit

Forest dragon outfit

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2 komentáře:

  1. An interesting concept. I think I like the Forest Dragon the best.

    As for your boyfriend's Whale idea, there is an Indie brand that released a Moby Dick print/design last year I think. It was really beautiful. They even made a large white whale purse!

  2. Love it! I especially like the use of such a classic lolita dress.


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