20. 2. 2013

Classic lolita meetup in Pilsen

Hello my readers! How are you?
I am doing just fine lately. On Saturday I organised a meetup in my hometown. I was really surprised how much people wanted to attend it. I am used to small meetups just with friends, because people usually don´t want to travel very much. But this time I got like 15 lolitas and was almost scared if I can actually handle them. I think it end up just okay...little bit weird but ok...
The plan was outspoken. Some photoshoot then lunch at trade center then visit of brewery Pilsner Urquell and then some club.
It´s just ordinary that, when there is lot of people on meetup (and yes 15 is a lot of people!) they just split into small groups (of friends generally). That is pretty much okay... what was not okay was really horrible weather. I know it´s only February so it´s really cold outside but there was no need of permanent snowfall. Some girls started to freeze after quite short time of shooting, so we had to cut it out and moved to trade center, where we are supposed to have lunch. We stucked here like for three hours... It was not that bad... I bought new skirt and ring here. :D
After that the worst part of meeting came up. Two of my friends had to pay a penalty for travelling in public transport without ticket, although they already bought those tickets with their phones (but the sms was recieved late and so they had to pay "only" half of the penalty -_-). I took it like my mistake in organization because we had to run down the tram and so there was no time for buying tickets. I gave to my friends some of my money for paying the penalty because I felt really bad.
Before we moved of to brewery some girls told me, that they don´t want to go there and so we splited into two groups and agreed that we will meet after the visit in the club. However my guess of time was totally wrong. I thought that the visit ended about 4 o´clock but it ended only few minutes before 5 o´clock such that we missed each other, because girls had to go catch their train home.
The visit of brewery itself was pretty awesome. I already been there twice but still I saw there some new things and clearly as we were dressed in lolita other visitors and even staff wanted to know many info about us, about our community and fashion. We ended up like "club of young victorian ladies" which is kinda cute. It was really fun and we even got second tasting glass of beer. :)
I wonder where I organise my next meeting, because it looks like there is no interesting place to visit in Pilsen anymore... well I leave this thoughts for my future me...
Now some photos!

 This scribble over here is signature of Franz Joseph I of Austria, who did sign here with his czech name František Josef, which was really rare for him... but he liked czech beer that much :D

Lolitas with beer!

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